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Customer Experience Is Our Key to Success

Updated: Apr 3

Todi Garay Focuses on Bringing Customer Service Back for Crisp Waffle Cafe!

What Started that Spark?

I took the long road to get here but it was worth every minute.   I started my career as a Certified Public Accountant and spent many years in Corporate America in various positions.  My love for baking and owning my own business only grew in time.  During the pandemic my position was eliminated, and I had plenty of time to bake.  I took this time and opportunity to open Crisp Waffle Cafe.  


"During the pandemic my position was eliminated, and I had plenty of time to bake. "

What Inspired You in the Early Days?

I was inspired many years ago during my travel to Belgium.  I loved the food and specifically the liege waffles.  I had no idea waffles could be made from dough.  I loved their texture (crisp on outside and soft/chewy inside) and the taste was like nothing else I had ever had.  Just the right amount of sweetness.  I describe them as a sweet bread.   

There are so many aspects of my business that I love.  First, it's our dough.  I love making the dough fresh daily from ingredients we import from Belgium including the flour and pearl sugar (this is the secret ingredient). 

Second, are our guests.  We work really hard to give our guests the best possible experience.  We are bringing customer service back!  I feel customer service has been lost and we want our guests to have an enjoyable time and continue to come back.  Our best compliments are their recommendations! Crisp Waffle Cafe

"Our best compliments are their recommendations!" 

The Biggest Learning Experiences in Running a Business?

There are many but the ones that are top of mind are multi-tasking and being open to change.  I have learned the art of multi-tasking to ensure our guests are taken care of and all aspects of the business are tended to.  Being open to change is a big one.  When something doesn't go as planned, I have to be ready to switch gears and get it done.  Crisp Waffle Cafe

"I took the long road to get here but it was worth every minute."

"Crisp Waffle Cafe St. Armands Circle Focuses on Bringing Customer Service Back!"

3 things that Describe "Crisp Waffle Cafe" Experience.

Welcomed, treated as family, and to enjoy our waffles so much they can't wait to come back. We're living in a paradise!  Sarasota provides a laid-back way of life with plenty of outdoor activities and amazing food choices. This is why many people come here. Crisp Waffle Cafe

More About Crip Waffle Cafe

Store Name: Crisp Waffle Cafe

Facebook: Let's connect.

Address: 17 Fillmore Dr, Sarasota, FL 34236. St. Armands Circle

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