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Live Life Like a Vacation

Downtown Sarasota is truly a hidden gem. Sarasota draws many tourists and relocators because of its beautiful beaches, rich cultural heritage, abundance of attractions and activities, and world-class amenities.

Small Town Helps Us Rediscover Living Well Every Day

The Sarasota Farmers Market is open every Saturday, year-round, from 7am to 1pm, rain or shine. 


Florida Outpaces NY in New Business Openings in 2021, Data Shows

The Sunshine State saw twice as many new businesses open last year compared to its rival in the Northeast, according to the latest federal data.

Beach Getaways

Good Dining Experience Still Matters In the Age of AI 

Meeting consumer expectations for a good dining experience matters for the consumer more than ever study finds.

Cocktail Making

Restaurant Life

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  Restaurant Owner Tips  

Restaurant Tactics to Keep Your Business Going in the Right Direction

We are a community of small business owners that come together to create a space that is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs reach their goals. We are committed to supporting each other and our members with a variety of resources.

Restaurant Scene


Sarasota Gives a Well Balanced Between Nightlife & Smalltown Feels

Sarasota is A City of Abundance of Attractions Rich Culture and Beautiful Beaches.  "Sarasota ranks as best 20 places in America to start a business according to a recent release from CNBC. (Rooftop at Art Ovation Hotel)

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Trendy Palm Ave Downtown

To travel is to live. To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time, to be in a position in which almost nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted.

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Sarasota Night Sky Is Second to None in Central Florida

No one knows exactly what the road ahead will look like—but we do know we can help. Keep your small business delivering with this suite of tools and expert advice to help you adapt.

Parks and Recreation

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Take A Simple Steps to Start Living a Positive Life

Learn to adjust the way you are spending your time so I could pursue your passions, to leave behind activities that were holding you back, and to create a life of purpose.

Coffee Shops & Cafes

The Art of Living Well

Learn to adjust the way you are spending your time so I could pursue your passions, to leave behind activities that were holding you back, and to create a life of purpose.

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Weekends in Paradise Everyday

Just south of St. Pete Beach, you can find a slice of paradise that will make you feel like you’re on an exotic tropical getaway.

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Costal Living is Truly Slice of Paradise 

Anna Maria Island is truly a paradise. The beach House restaurant is a must try experience. The Sunset view here is to die for. It's one of the best in America.

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Join Sarasota Small Business Network

The best investment you can make is to yourself. Create your own story. How some people live a better life, and have the financial freedom that’s rightfully theirs? 

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The Historic Rosemery District

Just north of downtown Sarasota is the booming Rosemary District, a blend of modern culture, food and activities you can schedule your whole day around,

Join Coastal Living All Access

A life well lived” represents a life that was filled with happiness, achievement, and development over time.

Coffee Break


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