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"Reach One, Teach One" Program To Boost Restaurant Brand Exposure

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Building Brand Exposure Through Networking

In the mid of 2021, led by Chef Mike of Star Thai Venice, the restaurant launched their first sushi classes as part of community evolvement program.

LOFT16: What Is "Reach One, Teach One" Program?

Chef Mike: It's about giving back. Fortunately when I started as a sushi chef decade ago, I had an amazing mentor and master. This program helps me reach out to anyone, perhaps anyone who willing to learn.

LOFT16: How This Program Came About?

Chef Mike: In my career as a sushi chef, I truly believe that I wouldn’t be here without some of the mentors and great people around me. Today, I would like to pass that knowledge on through basic sushi classes. There is no doubt that there is a connection between members makes a team or an organization more efficient as a team. Learning collectively to cook will help a person understand not just the fundamental of culinary itself but also the cultures, history, and as much as understanding flavors as well.

How This Program Can Benefits These Teens?

Chef Mike: Through culinary activities, a person will also learn life skills like cognitive development, problem-solving, eating healthy, budgeting, creativity, and organization skills. In addition, culinary activities allow people to shape the way they view work habits, teamwork, and how they’re sharing of information, which are all significant factors for strengthen teamwork ethics.

The Art of Cooking Is the Art of Thinking?

Chef Mike: Culinary activities help inspire collaboration, allows for more communication and building healthier mental outlook in life. Culinary isn’t just about cooking but also, it’s about community.

So, What’s Next?

Chef Mike: We’re planning to reach more people, teach more people, and unite more people with this activity. Again, I wouldn’t be here without some of the mentors and great people around me.

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