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Restaurant Owners Have to Learn to Connecting the dots

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

How Learn To Leverage Data Can Be The Key Of Your Brand

Keys to Build a Successful Restaurant Brand

As part of the membership benefit, I'd pay a visit to my client's Establishment monthly to learn all aspects of their product and business. I've found that when people enter a company with aspirations of being "owner" or "CEO," they want the title without any of the work or upkeep . Regardless of their positions, I'd Keep my client's on their toes so any work won't fall of the rail.

1. Data Gives You An Outside Perspective On Your Overall Brand Performance

There is no doubt that one of the best parts of being a consultant is the opportunity to travel to meet my client. Once a month, I always looking forward to see my client. Monthly, I’d visit my client's establishments to keep in touch with updates, staff retention, current business performance, problems and concerns they may have. Together, we'll go over their current website performance and marketing insights.

Through my experience, I'd find that lot of businesses are running their websites without keeping an eye on their metrics. That is one of biggest marketing mistakes they can make. As a brand marketer, I'm handling both branding side of the business as well as marketing aspect of the businesses as well. I would spend many sessions on the meeting with each of my clients about the importance of understanding website analytics as much as their brand message.

2. A Chance To Evaluate Your Website Performance

Web analytics is so important because Analytics allow you to quantify the effects of making a change to your marketing strategy. Again, Web Analytics is a very useful tool that not only helps in understanding their audience but also helps everyone to discover business insights that might not be visible directly.

The content on your website is what will separate their business from the rest of the pack. Web Analytics is an especially useful tool that not only helps in understanding their audience but also helps everyone to discover business insights that might not be visible directly. As a matter of the fact, no business can ignore Analytics if they want to provide a great user experience to its visitors as well as gain access to business insights.

3. More Insightful About Current Your Website Analytics

Each visit, I’d spend my time to go over major web analytics data reports such as the overall traffic, bounce rate, traffic sources, the numbers of their new and returning visitors, their demographics and the geographic location of visitors, where traffic is being referred from, the click analytic rate, and the total number of webpage visits.

4. Data Helps You Understand More About Your Web Analytics

  • To understand how your visitors interact with your website

  • To view how people are arriving on your website and from what sources.

  • To see which pages are performing best and how to improve them to convert customers.

  • To understand your market demographics

  • So you can learn from them and tweak your website to become a marketing machine!

5. Opportunity To Analyst Your Current Brand Online Presence

What people are saying about you? This is why customer review is important. In fact, it is very important. Customer reviews not only do help with SEO for your business, they’re also summed up as part of your online presence. As matter of fact, everything you do on your online presence helps improve search rankings and overall SEO efforts greatly from your website, online content, customer reviews, feedback, article posts to your overall online presence.

As a brand marketer, I'm inspired by the idea of working closely with the owners, share holders and business managers on their marketing objectives to craft their brand strategy and campaign. I take pride in ensuring the right message is delivered to their target customers.

Although, I'd find more and more that over time, event owners became less engaged while I became more. Eventually, I'd ending up carrying all the work load if I'm not careful. On monthly basis, I'd Pay An Onsite Visit To My Client's Establishment Just To Push Them Outside Their Comfort Zone. By taking my marketing on the road, I've become more insightful of the overall scope of everything about my client's strength and weakness areas. This gives me finding the right solutions to combat specific problematic areas.

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