Building an Emotional Brand Connection Is a Big Deal

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Get Creative with Selling with Your Unique Selling Points. Here Are 3 Key Points I Use It Daily.

1. We Use Food as Connection

At the restaurant, it's rare if I didn't come by each table and introduce myself. To break the ice, often times, I'd bring little gift of our samples, appetizers, cocktail shots or sweet desserts. Then watch the conversations open up. a ting is social. The majority of social events involve food. There is something about eating in social gathering that helps to bring people together. Food is a shared experience. There is an old saying that iIf you can’t find a common topic with a person, then try talk about food! Immediately, notice their eyes will shine and they’ll tell you all about their favorite.

There is an old saying.. "Every bit takes you home..." This I believe it so much. Food makes us feel good, alive and vibrant. For foodie, in addition to having a full belly, there is something very satisfying about trying new things, being exposed to new color, taste and experience. Food connects us all. Food connects us to each other, to our own pasts and identities/memories, and nature and its original. Best of all, food connects us to the world around us. Again, eating is a social thing.

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2. Food as Experience

Attitudes of consumers towards food depends on many attributes, which interns affects in different ways on their preferences, lead to acceptance and the selection of one dish over another. Infact, in the recent observation by our own Chefs and our team of staff how can we change the consumer deception of our food through art, good dining experience and education. We have been having fun with the experimentation on how the look of the food can change the perception of consumer behavior.

Based on observation, the way food is arranged on the plate actually affects our perception of taste and our enjoyment of a dish - another demonstration of just how interlinked our senses really are. Here, food presentation is taken seriously because it is what the customers will judge the establishments on. In any society, the first impressions always matter. In culinary scene is no different. We have found that food presentation has significantly impacted on the way in which customers consume their foods, the different color, shape, size and variety of food.

It Takes More Than Just A Price Point For Consumers Begin To Value Your Restaurant Brand

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For example, some of our customers cannot stomach the idea of eating fresh sashimi, sushi or some type of seafood that is raw in color and texture. It has been proven many times over, that beautiful presentation changes all that. But we can alter their deception simply by changing the way we present our dish. One of head chefs believes that the consumer attitudes towards food is all mental constructs. If we can change their deception with wow factor and positive experience, we can the way they see food then their experience changed forever.

3. Food as Art of Expression

At my restaurant, consumer is always at the center on what we do. I believe developing a good relationship with the target market and how brand is perceived in the market is another key point in restaurant branding. Food is an art. And