Despites the pandemic, people are waiting in line to get in this restaurant.

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

It Takes More Than Just A Price Point For Consumers Begin To Value Your Restaurant Brand.

Client: Star Thai & Sushi, Venice, Fl

We'd Get Creative With Selling

Even the during the COVID pandemic, our restaurants are still striving after a few weeks of reopening. Although when the feelings of uncertainty still roaming everyone's mind, but never once I had doubt that we wouldn't make it from this. Personally, partly, it's because collective, we have done our job really well since the beginning interms of following the brand strategy that I have set since I took over the position as a GM of this restaurant brand. Brand is a promise. However you have positioned your brand to be, be sure to deliver it. This is a result of the important of knowing your brand core values, delivering your brand promise and maintaining your brand consistency.

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We Use Food As Connection

At the restaurant, it's rare if I didn't come by each table and introduce myself. To break the ice, often times, I'd bring little gift of our samples, appetizers, cocktail shots or sweet desserts. Then watch the conversations open up. Eating out is a social thing. The majority of social activities involve food. And there is something about eating in social gathering that helps to bring people together. Food is a shared experience. There is an old saying that If you can’t find a common topic with a person, then try talk about food! Immediately, notice their eyes will shine and they’ll tell you all about their favorite. As a brand manager, I hold that ideal and value dearly. I also train my staff the same ideology as well.

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"I'd pass on everything I know about brand and marketing to my staff. We would have staff training regularly on the important of restaurant branding, customer loyalty, customer experience building, to our brand core values." - Chez Boodparset, Loft16 Brand Management

There is an old saying.."Every bite takes you home..." I love that ideology so much. It's because food makes us feel good, alive and vibrant. For foodie, in addition to having a full belly, there is something very satisfying about trying new things, being exposed to new color, taste and experience. Food connects us all. Food connects us to each other, to our own pasts and identities/memories, and nature and its original. Best of all, food connects us to the world around us. Again, eating is a social thing.

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We Sell The Experience