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Launching their Dream Brand in Downtown Sarasota

Updated: Mar 4

Are You Distinguishing Your Brand from Your Competitors?

Maybe or maybe not, then how do you distinguish your brand from your competitors? The great news you don't have to look far, just look within. The key is in your unique selling proposition (USP). Your USP is about building a connection with your consumers. It's not only important, but it also necessary.

Build A Story Telling Brand

As an owner, you have got to know your customers. Your ideal target market will be key that dictates on almost everything you do. Human, we are social creators. Knowing who our consumer is, is critical when establishing our marketing budget. Getting to know your target audience allows your marketing to be finely targeted.

To understanding your customers, you need to find out what they do for a living, who they are friends with, what their hobbies are, and where they spend their free time. Just a few minutes of research can help answer these questions, but if it's possible, take the time to sit down and have a conversation with them to fill in the blanks.

Brand trust is loyalty. Some of the most successful brands are the most relevant brands Brand relevance comes down to trust. It's the fact that our own happiness and well-being are the most important! Sometimes organizers get so distracted marketing their event they forget that the best marketing is the buzz created by attendees who love the event. "The most important part of event marketing is creating a remarkable event.

Your brand identity should speak to your target market, addressing their specific needs in a language they can relate to. This simple tip can go a long way. Knowing your audience is the first step to building a relationship with them.

“There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.” - Sam Walton

How To Measure Your Weekly Business Overall Performance:

  • Daily Occupancy: Paying attention to the trend

  • How Do Your Customers Know About You?: Search, Referral, Promotion Ads etc..

  • Overall Customer Satisfaction:  What is the percentage?

  • Repeat Customers: Improved or not?

  • Online Engagement: Increased or decreased?

  • How's Your Website Visits: Increased by how much?

  • Online Weekly Orderings:  Increased by how much?

Brand Manager: Chez Boodparset

Availability: Contract basis

Specialties:  Brand Marketing, Online Presence, Campaign Planning

Contact: Click here

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