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The Pandemic Took Almost Everything: 'Heart Breaking'

Updated: Mar 5

Saigon Bowl Shared Their Pandemic Survival Story

Surviving the Pandemic Was Brutal Financially

The pandemic affected small business operations in precedent level. Certain day, we had 4-5 tables all day at max. For small business owner like us, we had to work harder than ever to keep our business running smoothly with fewer resources as we were forced to adjust to a rapidly changing economic landscape. Small business owners like us had to stay focused on ways to stay afloat.

“Certain day, we had 4-5 tables all day at max. Surviving the Pandemic Was Brutal Both Mentally and Financially.”

What Made You to Hold On?

Hope was all we had. I think it's the only thing, and the best of things. I believe that if you take the time to do the things, you love. It will help you make it through the ups and downs life uncertainty.

"Perseverance empowers me to embrace failures, develop resilience, persist in the face of adversity, and transform setbacks into opportunities."

My Dream Meant Everything Not Just to Me, But Also My Family

"We have good food. That's our products. Therefore, my dream business is worth saving. Vietnamese cuisine is the best and super healthy. Vietnam ranks fifth among 10 countries with best food. It is rich in the use of fresh vegetables, herbs, spices and aromatics for the favor. Vietnamese food based on fresh ingredients, minimal cooking, and lots of leafy greens. My husband and I must keep our dreams going.

“They have amazing food and superb hospitality, that alone, this restaurant is worth saving.” Chez of LOFT16

Working hard to reach your goals and having the determination to never give up. You have to dig deep to find that strength within you when you need to keep doing something despite obstacles.

What Have You Learned?

I was taught that tough situation won't last, tough people do. I learned that now. I have come to appreciate the experiences of both success and failure. The accomplishment of dreams makes me believe that failure is just the part of learning and success, and in the end, it is all worth it.

“Today, Saigon Bowl restaurant, not only surviving but thriving. The business is doing 200% better in sales than a few years ago.”

More About Saigon Bowl

Restaurant: Saigon Bowl

Location: Clearwater, Fl


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