Boosting More Sales During Pick Ups /Carry-Out Era.

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

With what everything is going on in the world right now, it’s Difficult To Think Positive. Personally, I always believe that training the way you think is similar to training your muscles. Much like another daily skills, your thinking also requires daily training as well. It should be added to our lifestyle really. Nevertheless, as a business owners, you have to start looking forward. If there is will, there is always a way, I believe. Or at least I choose to. During times of uncertainty, your business can still moving forward with sales to keep things at float.

Therea are several creative ways to keep your momentum going by giving your customers something of value with these 3 ideas.

1. Family Meal Package Deals

Customers love deals. Even you and I love good deals. As a small business person, you know that your most important asset, by far, is your customers. Giving deals shows your appreciation. It's a fact, everyone likes to be recognized, appreciated and valued for their contributions; your customers are no different. Some of your customers might have been there since your beginning. I'm sure that there are good reasons for that. They have appreciated your outstanding customer service. They have built an emotional bound with you. Whatever the reasons would be, they love you for it. They're keep coming back.

Therefore, this is the best time to give them the recognition they deserve. One way to reward loyal customers is to give them something exclusive. You can offer them a bonus or reward their meals. Perhaps it can be little gift, vouchers to discounts. Product bundling can boost your customer appreciation. Product bundling enhances the customer experience specially this time. It also improves customer confidence on your products and establishment. Intern, Product bundling increases your revenue and average sales in a great deals.

2. Reward them with big ticketed items

According to the study, buyer purchase patterns. If your restaurant combine products that people already buy, you know the bundle will likely appeal to your customers. Use your expertise to pick other products that work well together. Customers will be grateful if you suggest pairings they might not have thought of.

Instead of just offering pre-built bundles, encourage clients to pick and choose accessories to base bundles. This method not only increases your revenue and average sales in a great deals. It also can help you move your inventory that is at risk of becoming stale.

By giving them something of value on their big ticketed items, takes your customers feel that they have invested in the decision making. Again, customers love deals. Similarly, you and I love good deals.

Again, ask youself this question. Are you thankful for your customers? Of course you are. The real question is – do you show it? . As a small business person, you know that your most important asset, by far, is your customers. Giving deals shows your appreciation. Give them a VIP treatment when they come. Literally, consider rolling out the red carpet way of thinking. Have staff on hand to cater to customers’ every whim for a day.

3. Loyal Customer Reward Ideas

  • Gift card give aways

  • Give new product away of the day

  • Custom appreciation meal gift or vouchers

  • Specific gift toward certain type of customers such as police officers, nurses, first responders, doctors etc...

  • Free lunch meal or dinner during specific time

  • Customer of the day give away

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