Your Online Presence Check-List

Make a list of everything

  • Can your customer find you?

  • How many ways where can they find you? 

  • Is your business online? Is so, where are they?

  • Is your brand image, brand promise and brand message really carrying through online?

  • Is your online presence really represent your unique selling proposition which includes your message, your imagery, your brand color and theme?

  • Is your business even worth a try?

  • How customers think about your brand? How's your online reviews?

  • All your online presence pages should lead to specific call-to-action.

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Your Online Presence

Can Customers Find You?

If so, how and where? More than ever, your business brand must have strong online presence. Besides, your online presence is essential to your business.

Your online presence includes..

  • Business website

  • All major social media sites

  • Blog, online articles, online reviews, videos, website SEO, landing pages, and YouTube site.

You Want Your Brand Be Everywhere! To Your Online Presence must also create a positive customer experience for them to come back. 


Understanding Where All Consumer Touch Points Are:

To build a strong brand awareness, it's only makes sense that you want to be where the conversations are.  Your online presence is a critical tool to reach more potential customers and turn them into qualified leads and traffic. Telling your story is a critical part of building your brand. For people to remember your brand, you want to ensure that the consistency of your branding to appeal to your target audience through every channel necessary. It is only making sense that you want to be where your customers are.

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Know Your Marketing Channels.

Once you know who you're targeting to, you'll know where to promote, advertise and budget your campaign.


Businesses can reach consumers in more ways than ever. With so many different options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. You want to make sure you spend your time and money on the most impactful channels and tactics. What is important is not focusing on every new channel. It’s focusing on the right channels to maximize the growth of your business. Know who are you  targeting to helps dictate which marketing tactics to use. 

What Is Integrated Marketing:

In marketing, there isn't one size fits all. But knowing various tactics and channels to reach your ideal audience takes you one steps further among your competitors. This is where mixed marketing or Integrated marketing comes in. 

  • Using brand name to marketing

  • Print marketing/traditional marketing

  • Social media marketing

  • Public relations

  • Online presence

  • Referral programs/word of month

  • Brand Influencers

Effective Marketing Schedule

A marketing calendar is a written roadmap for marketing activities. It visualizes your planning and when to complete strategies. Marketing Schedule indicates all the projects and campaigns your team will work on. A marketing schedule is also commonly known as a marketing plan.

It is a rough draft of the marketing activities you have coming up. You need to make a list of all the activities that you are going to be organizing as a marketing head, including the research and analysis and dates for presentation and pitches. Every little detail is to be mentioned in the marketing schedule. A marketing calendar provides a clear overview of what and when your plan takes place. So, you can plan ahead and produce better work and results.


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