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What Makes Your Brand Different From Your Competitors?

Let's start with your brand assets. Brand assets are usually including your logo, color schemes, visual elements that associates with your initial brand image.

Distinctive brand assets do not develop overnight. It takes time and consistency for consumers to make the link between the assets and the brand. Identifying and measuring distinctive assets helps brands ensure they are not using an element that is associated with a competitor.


Distinctive assets are very valuable to a brand. They are used to measure how prevalent and unique customers think they are. The more prevalent and unique your brand is, the more recognition and loyalty it earns. And recognition + loyalty = profit.

  • What are some of your brand’s assets that you can look into such as color scheme, logo elements etc.?

  • What is your brand personality?

  • What is your brand message?

  • Are your brand assets consistent throughout all touch points?

  • Is your business brand look and feel really represents your business initial concept?

  • Do your staff know about your brand assets?

Brief Summery

"How do see my brand? What do you want people think or saying about your brand?."