Free Advertising Campaign Design Make Over For Your Business For The Month of May!

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My Mission

I Want to Help Local Businesses to Get Back On Their Feet And Strive.

We've all been affected by the recent pandemic, especially restaurants and the hospitality industry. Our friends, business partners, and neighbors livelihoods haven't been the same since. However, there's no sense harping on the negative. Life must go on. And in order to do so confidently, something has to be done. And that's why we've created this free marketing makeover campaign!.

- Chez Boodparset, Brand Leader

FREE Design Package For A Whole Month!

A. Online Advertising Design Campaign

  • Weekly Online Ad Design

  • Weekly Website Banner Design

  • Weekly Social Media Ads

  • Exterior Poster Display

  • In Store Poster Display

Or B. Website Design Consultant

  • New Business Website Concept

  • Overall New Layout Mock Up and Plan

This Is Where Brand Matters! 

What Makes Good Branding?

One of the most important aspects of building a business is building the brand. The business brand is the most valuable asset of the company. It is the brand that sells, markets and promotes the products in the eyes of potential customers. People believe and love the brand and then buy the product. That means the most important asset of a business is not the systems, the machines, the factory and so forth. The most important asset of the business is the brand! That’s why entrepreneurs must focus on building their brand!

I Want To Help You!

"I work with Independent restaurants and retailers. I ensure that your brand message is translated consistently to all consumer touch points from campaign advertising, online presence, business website, to marketing action plan."

Chez Boodparset, Founder of Loft16 Branding

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Why Brand Needs Core Values?
Core values are the fundamental beliefs of a person or organization. These guiding principles dictate behavior and can help people understand the difference between right and wrong.  Brand Core values also help companies to determine if they are on the right path and fulfilling their goals by creating an unwavering guide.

Brand and Consumer Relationship

A product is made by a company and can be purchased by a consumer in exchange for money, while brands are built through consumer perceptions, expectations, and experiences with all products or services under a brand umbrella. Lifestyle has a great impact on consumer behavior and brand preferences. Very often, consumers tend to choose brands that are considered “appropriate” for their self-image. 

Loft16 provides 3 key elements for our clients — customer insight, brand strategy and lastly creativity. Loft16 is about taking a business's brand to the next level through strong branding! Our Brand


Why Your Business Needs Marketing?

Businesses need marketing to attract consumers in a crowded marketplace. Your ideal target audience needs to know why they should choose your business over someone else’s. Marketing helps to build a brand's reputations. As a business owner or aspiring entrepreneur you likely already understand how important your reputation is to your success. 


In addition, marketing helps engagement between your brand and your customers, helps sell your product, and creates growth and ultimately expansion.

Legal Information and Disclosures

This free marketing campaign program is only available to Small Businesses to provide branding, marketing and advertising services. This program includes design communication, creative services and online identity design only. These benefits are available for qualified members. Restrictions, limitations and exclusions apply. There are specific time limits and documentation requirements. Once your application is approved we will send you a Guide to Benefits, which includes a full explanation of coverages. Credit is subject to approval. Normal credit standards apply. Each borrower must be at least 18 years of age to be a borrower (19 years if in Alabama or Nebraska). Loft16 is committed to making reasonable modifications to its web pages and mobile application as requested by our members or otherwise as planned within Suncoast’s website and mobile application remediation plan.