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Reach One, Give One Program 2022

Online Brand Consulting, Marketing Planning And Free Campaign Funding For Small Local Businesses on Marketing Campaign to Rebuild and Promote Your Brand.

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We're As Strong As Our Community

When helping others, you may discover new points of view and opinions on topics about which you were previously uniformed. This knowledge may position you to help increase the awareness of social problems among those in your sphere of influence from a balanced and educated standpoint. 

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2020 Pandemic still affecting many businesses especially retails, restaurants and businesses of hospitality industry. If you know someone who might need this program, please let them know. I'm all about helping local small businesses growing their brands through brilliant brand plan which includes overall brand strategy, online presence, content marketing and design communication. 

Get the Help Your Business Needs to Pick Yourself Up and Strive

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New Brand Assessment

Establishing a clear brand identity must be done at the very beginning stage of brain storming. A brand promise is an extension of a company’s positioning

Put New Marketing Plan in Place

The culture of digital marketing is flourishing and has completely changed the way traditional business's function. Brand planning can benefit your business growth.

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We Will Fund All Your Marketing Collatorial Design

Understanding the consumer's needs and behavior helps ensure that your service and product falls in line with your brand and resonates with current and potential customers.

"Community is often what makes businesses feel like we're all connected. That's why we need to keep it alive"

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& Technical Support Along the Way

LOFT16 is all about helping local small businesses growing their brands to reach their highest potential.

Legal Information and Disclosures

This free marketing campaign program is only available to Small Businesses to provide branding, marketing and advertising services. This program includes design communication, creative services and online identity design only. These benefits are available for qualified members. Restrictions, limitations and exclusions apply. There are specific time limits and documentation requirements. Once your application is approved we will send you a Guide to Benefits, which includes a full explanation of coverages. Credit is subject to approval. Normal credit standards apply. Each borrower must be at least 18 years of age to be a borrower (19 years if in Alabama or Nebraska). Loft16 is committed to making reasonable modifications to its web pages and mobile application as requested by our members or otherwise as planned within Suncoast’s website and mobile application remediation plan.

You may know someone who might benefit from this program?

If you know someone who might need this program, please let them know. 

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Free overall brand assessment, new marketing plan, online brand presence establishment, new website design concept and integrated marketing connection.