A Well Designed Digital Menu that Works With ipad, iphone And Website.

Customers Can Now View Your Restaurant Menu on Their iPhones At The Table!


A Website That Does Everything

Benefits of Leveraging Your Online Website Menu to Your Highest Potentials?

Improve Upselling

Digital menu helps improve conversations between your staff and customers interns boost customer overall experience. Customer always have an open mind on your new introduced items. Not only new item sounds exciting, but it also tells your customers that your restaurant keeps evolving. 

  • New product Item section

  • Chef's specials section

  • New arrival section

  • Most popular items area

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Link Traffic Back To Your Website & Other Your Pages.

Because your business website URL is been used to view the menu, your website link is now also be known by customers as well. With digital menu web technology, it helps boost your overall brand from traffic back to your business website, This will boost your content to the next level. At the table, you're now can direct customers to.....

  • Your blog article page

  • Your gallery page

  • Upcoming event page

  • Any specific page with call-to-action

Highlight Your New Promotional Items!

Turn Your Digital Menu To Increase How Much Customers To Spend


"Digital Menu is now more than just an information technology platform but it's also can be a selling tool with right strategy.

A website design that aligns with your restaurant marketing goals."

Data. Data. Data.

Data Is A King. In addition to making it easier for future promotions, give away, and launch an upcoming events, your digital menu can help boost your customer emailing list sign up. Why not? Customers are already here. And they have already chosen you over your competitors. So, you're now can direct customers to...

  • Member sign up

  • Mailing list sign up

  • V.I.P member area


Turn Your Customers into Your Brand Ambassadors

Everything you do on your online presence helps improve search rankings and overall SEO efforts greatly from your website, online content, customer reviews, feedback, article posts to your overall online presence.


Improves Customer Advocacy 

This is a perfect time where you can ask your loyal customers into your brand ambassadors. Let customer build your online content for you. You know, customer feedback equals to more keywords, helps your SEO ranking, and boost your online presence to the next level. You're now can ask your customers to...

  • Share the menu on their social media

  • Give you feedback on social media or other review sites

  • Ask them to tag, check-in, post pictures right at the table. 

  • Ask them to share specific page or article that you wish to promote.