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Pasta Dish

Dishes I Have to Have When Visiting UTC Areas

Consuming tasty food triggers the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that is involved in the brain reward system. This results in a pleasurable sensation, which motivates us to continue eating the food to experience the same feeling.

UTC Food Scene

Food is more than just a source of energy for our bodies. It also provides us with pleasure, comfort, and a sense of connection. Being a "foodie" and enjoying the culinary world is not only acceptable but also beneficial for our well-being.

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Al Forno Mediterranean Grill & Subs, Lakewood Ranch

Food is more than just a source of energy for our bodies. It also provides us with pleasure, comfort, and a sense of connection. Being a "foodie" and enjoying the culinary world is not only acceptable but also beneficial for our well-being.

Location:: Sarasota, FL

Website: AlForno

KOJO 3.jpg

Spicy Tuna Tacos, KOJO SRQ

An Asian influenced inspired restaurant in downtown. KOJO is a perfect spot to light up your night in town. Personally,  KOJO by far, is one of the best restaurants in Sarasota. When I'm here, I have to have my "Spicy Tuna Tacos". These spicy Tuna tacos are like combining the best of two worlds: tacos and sushi. Trust me when I say you need these in your life.

Location:: Sarasota, FL

Website: KOJO


Paella, Columbia Sarasota

One of my top dishes is Paella, a traditional Spanish recipe that features saffron-infused rice and can be with seafood or other ingredients. The key to its delicious flavor is the use of Sofrito, a blend of onions, garlic, tomatoes, and peppers.

Location:: Sarasota, FL

Website: Columbia

Pasta with Meatballs

Spaghetti and Meatball, The Italian Grill

Spaghetti & meatballs is an iconic dish as much as a symbol of family gatherings and comfort food, cherished for its rich, savory flavors. The tangy, salty, spicy and sometimes a tad sweet taste is just mouthwatering. There is little that that could go wrong with this delicacy

Location:: Sarasota, FL

Website: The Italian Grill

The Shore 2.jpg

Kung Kao Calamari Salad, The Shore Longboat Key

It's spicy, sweet, and tangy;it's perfect. This Kung Pao Calamari salad from the Shore is my go to salad for a quick lunch. This dish is studded with crunchy roasted peanuts, spicy chilies, and perfectly blend with slightly sweet and savory sauce.

Location:: Sarasota, FL

Website: The Shore


Thai Crab Meat Fried Rice, Spice Station

Thai crab fried rice is prepared using Thai jasmine rice, whereas Chinese fried rice is made with regular long grain white rice or a combination white rice. Additionally, Thai fried rice is typically flavored with fish sauce, while this aromatic jasmine rice is seasoned with garlic and chilies, and mixed with scrambled egg, crabmeat, and scallions.

Location:: Sarasota, FL

Website: Spice Station

grilled shrimp and pork over vermicelli.webp

Grilled Shrimp Over Vermicelli, Pho 101

Vietnamese Grilled Shrimp Vermicelli Bowl is a delicious and healthy meal that is easy to prepare. It consists of rice noodles, fresh vegetables such as lettuce bean sprouts, carrots cucumbers, cerlantro, basil, scallions, and grilled shrimp, all served with a flavorful sauce. This dish is perfect for any time of the day and is sure to satisfy your cravings.

Location:: Sarasota, FL

Website: N/A

Indian Chicken Curry

Butter Chicken, Flavors of India, Bradenton

Butter chicken, also known as murgh makhani, which translates to "buttery chicken". The splendid blend of cream sauce, butter, spiced up tomatoes, and an array of Indian spices melts in your mouth instantly. If you're a chicken lover, this is a must-try dish. I just love its sweetly spiced tomato and cream-based gravy favor. It is a comforting, warming dish that feels decadent thanks to its silky-smooth richness that keeps me coming back.

Location:: Bradenton, FL

Website: Flavors of India


Shrimp and Grits, The Beachhouse Restaurant

The grits are soft, buttery, and often cheesy, with a savory, bacon-studded sauce surrounding them, and lots and lots of shrimp.  Every time, I visit this place, I'm in heaven. 
I love everything about Shrimp and grits.  It's nourishing, hearty, and flavorful.

Location:: Bradenton, FL

Website: The Beach House


Chives Dumpling Dim Sum, Yummy House 

These crisp and chewy pan-fried Chinese Chive Dumplings are a delicious dim sum treat on my day off! Chives dumpling dim sum are filled with a hearty shrimp and chive dumpling.

Location:: Bradenton, FL

Website: YummyHouse


The Lobster Lava, Star Thai & Sushi Venice

Tempura might change your mind about sushi. There's a science to creating that irresistible, melt-in-your-mouth crunch that makes already good food taste that much more delicious. This is why is tempura so good. Tempura batter is traditionally mixed in small batches using chopsticks for only a few seconds, leaving lumps in the mixture that, along with the cold batter temperature, result in a unique fluffy and crisp tempura structure when cooked.

Location:: Bradenton, FL

Website: Start Thai Venice

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